Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Forward, Good Bye Flu!

The little prince has had the flu this week. He was so pitiful. He had fever on Monday and I took him home from school by 9 am. Luckily, the big prince is still on a modified work schedule due to his ankle surgery in February, so he could keep him at home. Tuesday's diagnosis...the flu! The prince missed a whole week of school, but he and his daddy got to spend a whole week bonding and loving. They are both rotten and it will be hard to get either of them off to work and school on Monday!

Today was a glorious spring day! We opened up all the windows and let the air just pour in. Good bye flu germs! I cannot believe that just a week ago we had tornadoes on Friday and snow on Saturday and Sunday! Now the temperatures are in the 70's! Tonight the time springs forward, and I am ready to move on with a new beginning. There are only 50 school days left. I love love love this little class so dearly. I hate to see them go, but I also want this year behind me. The Lord knew I needed them this year. Hardly a complaint about any of them. And I truly love each and every one. It's not always like that. I know that God gave this special class to me so I could actually get up and go to work each day and find joy again. They help heal my heart. This week was also 6 months since I lost my brother, Brandon. It has been a hard week.

One good thing is that we got the call from the adoption agency and we will be making the appointment on Monday for our exit interview and to turn in our Dear Birthmother album. It is truly a time for new beginnings.

Better look forward Princess......better look forward.........

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