Thursday, March 12, 2009

Almost Officially Waiting.....

Tomorrow we are going to A Angel Adoptions, our agency, to turn in our Dear Birthmother album and have our final exit interview.....
Wow! We will then be officially waiting! Just six months ago the Big Prince finally agreed that our family was not complete and he let me have my wish - to adopt through an agency.

The adoption of the Little Prince was an independent adoption (meaning someone who knew us also knew his Birthmother and put us in contact with one another). A wonderful lawyer handled all of the specifics.

Since then, we've had so many "almost" situations. I could not go through the "almost" again. I know that with ANY adoption there is a risk, but having done the independent route and having so many other independent situations fall through....I wanted the security of an agency.

Our agency only works with a small number of couples at a time. This is a good thing for all involved! I have a list of questions a mile long and I need to finish the last little bits of fluff on the album. I can't wait! I am almost jumping out of my skin with anticipation!

Wishin' for a short wait, Princess.....wishin' for a short wait!

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