Sunday, January 3, 2010

Have Bags....will travel.....

I have been living in a bit of the land of the overwhelmed....and I almost had a come-apart....but then I got it back together and trudged forward.

We are still "go for launch" although I have not personally talked to "T" since the visit. I have called and left messages, but have not talked to her. Libby (from the attorney's office) has talked to her though, and right now, it is more important to me that they get all of the legal mumbo-jumbo worked out. We are officially 28 days away from her due date. But I am a planner and I have had a lot of planning to do. Luckily, I have some time to get it done since I do not have to go to school until Tuesday morning, and then the children do not come until Thursday.

So, here's the list of what's been going on in my world....
1. Went to school and took down Christmas.
2. Transferred baby stuff to the small suitcase and put only a few outfits, blankets, burp cloths, the diaper bag.
3. Purchased a few new bottles and some pacifiers. (Don't judge, we are paci people)
4. Packed my suitcase with mixy-matchy clothes good for at least 10 days. Packed black shoes and new socks. All outfits will work with black shoes. The Big Prince will pack himself in about 5 minutes...
5. Put the newborn swaddler-thing in the carseat and remembered how to re thread the straps.
6. Put 2 emergency notes on the door (one reminding me to get the phone charger, camera/charger, and laptop/charger) and the other reminding me of what the Little Prince will need for school in case we schlep him off to my friend's house in the middle of the night....
7. Typed out a very extensive to do list for home, school, etc...(It is a pain having a job were you must not only replace yourself, but also your thought-process) but my good friend Carol will be my substitute and she is retired from our school. So that is a blessing and quite a relief. At least I don't have to leave a note telling her where the cafeteria is located! The to do list makes me happy. I love crossing off stuff.....
8. Have all bags, moses basket, carseat, etc.... on the guest room bed for easy pickup.
9. Wonder how Jennifer is remaining so calm? I just have one child to plan for. She has 5! Smooches to you sweetie! You deserve it!

Have bags- will travel Princess.....have bags- will travel..........

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  1. You are too cute!!! Target has pacifiers on sale this week- I was just reading that having a baby suck on them at bedtime reduces the risk of sids-

    After 5 trips to Russia, I have realized I can purchase anything I don't have- makes it a lot less stressful-lol!!! Did I ever mention that I literally forgot to bring bottles to Russia when we adopted Lizzy? I purchased one in Moscow and felt like an idiot!!!

    The kids will be fine- as will the Little Prince- don't stress-