Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting Excited!

I got the word today that the paperwork is approved. Done. Accepted.

Now I can call to set up the final intake meeting with the agency and turn in the scrapbook. I cannot believe we are finally at this point!

I get all lightheaded just thinking about it. We have come so close so many other times, only to end up disappointed. I do have a good feeling about this though. Maybe it is the difference in using an agency and doing an independent adoption (which is what we did with the little prince). His was picture perfect. 9 months of waiting and boom! There he was, just as if I had carried him myself. Our other situations were not so smooth (or clearly we would have another baby already) But this time.....I can almost feel a baby in my arms right now. (Someone will have to remind me of that in 3 months when I say...."What's taking soooo long!")

I am going on a scrapbooking weekend on Friday with my bestest Mississippi girlfriend, Shannon. I cannot wait! We will stay in our pj's all weekend and work on our family albums. I will be finishing the "Dear Birthmother" album to leave with the agency. So much to do!

Everything will need to be just right for the book. It is the only glimpse into our lives that the birthmother will get. First impressions are important!

Better start scrapbooking Princess.....better start scrapbooking.....

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