Monday, December 14, 2009

Tick Tock.....and a big commitment...

Well, a lot has happened since Thanksgiving weekend! Where to begin? The Sunday after Thanksgiving I was working quite contentedly in my first grade classroom (I know. I know. It was a Sunday. It's just what I do, OK?) :-) when the phone rang with the phone number showing the area code of where "T" lives. It was her! I was so excited. We talked for an hour and 40 minutes! It was a very easy conversation. I walked and talked and cleaned and basically did not have my feet touch the ground at.all. the entire time. Later that night, she called back and we talked for another 30 minutes. We've talked several times per week since then (and she's called me most of the time)!

The last time we talked she told me that she had been so happy since we'd found each other. She is excited about the opportunities we can offer the baby. It is easy to talk to her and we get a long well. We are trading information back and forth and learning about one another and each other's families.

Today, Libby, the atorney's assistant, told me that she had talked to "T" for a good while at the end of the week and she got a "good vibe" from "T". I trust Libby implicitly, as she was in the delivery room with us when the Little Prince was born. Libby has things in the works for all of the legal it looks like we are moving forward. Whooo hooo!

I am decorating for Christmas, and each time I put something out I think,"The next time I get this out of the box.....she will be here and will be almost a year old....." I cannot wait to be the mommy of two.......

I am trying hard not to hypervenalate here.....but the excitement is almost overwhelming. I am really pushing it down and just trying to get through the next 6 days of school. Some genius decided that we should go to school until 3 pm on December 22nd......Santa Claus will be sliding down the chimney when we finally get out of school. So for now, school is my day time focus and wrapping and decorating (and cleaning) is my night time focus......One step at a time, step at a time......

Today as I put the groceries away, I noticed the expiration date on the orange juice. I almost fainted when I realized that her due date is BEFORE the OJ expires. Considering that "T" has said she does not think she'll make it that far.....It really puts it all in perspective.....which is good I guess....cause today I bought the Baby Dreft for my High Efficiency washer.....if that's not a big committment Princess- I don't know what is!


  1. SO THRILLED for you! I just know it's going to work out!

  2. I couldn't be happier for you and your family!!! I just knew Brandon was waiting patiently to find the perfect Christmas/New Year's Gift for your family!!!

    I can hardly wait for the phone call that she is here- safe, sound, and PERFECT!!!!

    Just in time for me to buy 3 swim suits in size 6-12 months!!!!

    All my love, hugs and prayers!!!!